We can supply your business with a completely customized Safety Manual and/or Specific Safety Policies, Safety Procedures and Safety Programs. Customized specific to your business process and your management structure.

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We are a 100% owned Canadian OH&S Consulting Company.  We have been assisting Canadian organizations in dealing with their Occupational Health and Safety-related concerns since 1989.  Our Safety Manuals and Safety Procedures are developed custom-specific to your organization.

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Note re. Bill 168: Bill 168 came into effect on June 15, 2010.   It recognized Workplace Harassment and Workplace Violence as occupational hazards.    Bill 132 came into effect on March 8, 2016.   An Act to amend various statutes initially introduced by Bill 168,  with respect to sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence and related matters.   Specifically, six separate acts set out in the six schedules to Bill 132 have been amended.  Ontario employers are required, as per Section 32 of the OHSA to have implemented a Workplace Harassment Policy and another Policy to address Workplace Violence.   


Bill 132 Compliance Package

Our Bill 132 Compliance Package contains a Sample Model Program, which can be easily customized to your organization. It provides all required Guidelines, Policies, Procedures and Program elements (Risk Assessment, Reports, etc...) to effectively deal with Workplace Violence and Workplace Harassment. It allows for a complete “do-it-yourself” approach to Program development, Risk Assessment and Training.     

Your organization can achieve compliance with minimum effort (within a few hours) for only $250, as we have done 95% of the work for you.  

The package includes a complete set of guidelines, to ensure the client understands the entire process and the scope of the legislation.  

It allows for a complete “do-it-yourself” approach to Program development, Risk Assessment and Training.


I can’t express in words the time and energy your Bill 168 compliance policy and procedure manual has saved Chair-man Mills Inc. It took no time at all to publish and post the new policies and to give hand outs to all employees. We are in the process of training small groups of the different departments. Without your help we would still be trying to put together the policies to be compliant with the passing of Bill 168. I would recommend your manual to every company to be compliant with the new legislation. Keep up the outstanding work you have been doing.

Gary Nimens, Safety Coordinator
Chair-man Mills Inc.

Thank you for your help Mario. I've submitted payment, worked with all of your forms inserting our corporate info, and will be assembling the manual later this week. Your method of personalizing these forms and getting them in motion is great! I love it when it is kept simple and easy to implement! Take care and be well!

Irene Sanders, Vice President
SpandrelTech Ltd.


Safety Manuals (Federal or Provincial)

Once you have selected the required manual in our Document Store and submitted payment, you will be emailed a link to a Development Questionnaire. All you need to do is complete the Questionnaire and email it back to us.  After that, we do all the work for you. You will receive your Safety Manual electronically.  A completely finished product, including all necessary forms, specific to your organization for under $500.    Additional Specific Policies, Procedures and Programs are available as low as $15.  All our documents carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Health and Safety Policy and Procedure development has passed the strict reviews of Provincial Workers' Compensation Auditors, such as Ontario's WSIB Workwell and Alberta's PIR Auditors (100% pass rate in both cases), in addition to the scrutiny of several Corporate lawyers.   They are in compliance with all applicable Canadian Legislated requirements.  Our Safety Manuals have been reviewed and accepted by Federal HRSDC Officers and Provincial Inspectors i.e. Ministry of Labour Inspectors.

Our Safety Manual will not contain pages and pages of generic procedures, “customized” by simply adding your company logo.  The Safety Policy Statement and all individual Safety Procedures are developed specific to your organization’s business process and will reflect the individual responsibilities as per your organization’s management structure.

A manual, which is difficult to read, will end up collecting dust in some obscure shelf. We know from experience that time is at a premium. Our format is user-friendly; meaning an individual is able to find his/her required involvement within a procedure, in most cases within 20 seconds. 

We also provide Online Consulting and if required - Field-Service through our associate company, Total Loss Control Group Inc. (Please see "Links" for Website)