YSM is a provider of customized Canadian Federal and Provincial Safety Manuals since 2010

Company Profile

Your Safety Manual is the online affiliate of Total Loss Control Group Inc., (popularly known as the TLC Group). It was founded by Mario Migliazza, C.R.S.P., the original founder of TLC Group. TLC Group has been assisting Canadian organizations in dealing with their Occupational Health and Safety-related concerns since 1989.  

Although TLC Group and Your safety Manual are separate companies, the Your Safety Manual services are supported by TLC Group’s 28+ years of field service consulting experience and knowledge, plus an additional 100+ years of combined operational management experience of its senior staff. We have all served behind the “The Buck Stops Here” sign and know what is required. We have practiced what we preach and are always striving for innovation to provide “The Buck Starts Here” approach. 

We have a proven record helping organizations achieve and maintain compliance with Federal and Provincial legislated safety requirements. Our documents are supported by a 100% guarantee.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best customer service. If you need advice with your manual, just contact our safety professionals. We are always ready and willing to help. 

Your feedback is always welcome.