YSM is a provider of customized Canadian Federal and Provincial Safety Manuals since 2010

Our Consulting Services

 Online Consultancy or Field Service Consultation

The Your Safety Manual Staff with the support of TLC Group Field Consultants can provide you with clear direction

Our philosophy is to provide a multi-directional approach to Occupational Health & Safety awareness. Our approach not only ensures a safe workplace which meets or exceeds legislated standards, but also maintains a strong focus on efficiency and cost effectiveness.  The Result: A safe and productive workforce.

What is concerning you?

  • Is your firm concerned with the status of its safety program?
  • Has your firm been selected for a Ministry of Labour Inspection and facing orders? 
  • Has your company’s accident frequency resulted in W.S.I.B surcharges? 

We can provide you with an assessment of your situation.

Our services are customized for your organization’s level of concern: Field Service or Online Consultancy or a Combination of Both.

Online Consultancy, as offered by Your Safety Manual:

It is an efficient and cost-effective approach for organizations with a formally developed Occupational Health and Safety Program or in the process of program development. They may be dealing with Document-Related Concerns or Simply requiring advice and/or clarification on a program element.

  • Our document store provides an efficient and cost-effective means to obtain the required manuals or policy/procedures packages.
  • Our Online consultancy will provide:
    • The development of any policy or procedure not listed in our document store.  
    • Direction, advice and/or clarification for any safety-related concern.

We receive your document requests and/or questions online and respond with a timely and cost effective service. Send us your questions related to: procedures, accident prevention, program administration or how to improve its effectiveness or how deal with specific situations. Once we have the required information, we will submit a detailed proposal, outlining total fees and delivery time frame.

Field Service, as Provided by TLC Group Consultants:

If your organization does not have a formally developed program, and you wish on-site assistance, all we need is a few minutes of your time. We can provide you with an assessment of your situation at no cost or obligation on your part.

If your program was formally developed but is not performing effectively, we will need to carry out a formal audit in order to determine which elements require revision or development. Such audits may require a few hours or as much as two days, depending on the complexity and size of your organization. We will be glad to provide you with a quote, once we are allowed a tour of your facility.

You will be provided with a detailed report as to the status of your program, including recommended corrective action. In the event your organization requires external assistance to implement the required corrective action, we will provide a quote on the approximate investment required. Your organization will be encouraged to seek quotes from other consulting firms. In most instances, Total Loss Control Group Inc. will waive the cost of the audit, if awarded the “rebuilding” project.

We have both the resources and the experience to help you update your safety program and avoid or minimize any resulting surcharges or penalties. We back up our performance with our written guarantee.

Program Maintenance & Follow up

A recently implemented program will be exposed to erosion factors, in the same manner as with recently installed equipment.  Both require ongoing maintenance in order to ensure long term, effective performance. Our Health and Safety Program Maintenance services provide your designated management representative with the necessary coaching to perform as an effective in-house consultant on the particular function. Although our consultants are always at your service, we strive to assist you in achieving self-reliance. TLC Group will ensure that programs remain up-to-date and effective in their purpose.

These are the specific areas where we can provide assistance:

  • Health & Safety Program/Policy & Procedure Development
  • All Safety-related legislation compliance requirements
  • Compliance Audits
  • Material Handling Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • WHMIS Training/Program Development
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee – Improve Effectiveness
  • Workplace Safety Inspections
  • Group/Train-The-Trainer Instruction
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Return-to-Work Programs
  • WSIB Claims Management
  • WSIB Appeal Assistance
  • Analytical Services
  • Air Sampling
  • Noise Assessment Program
  • Follow-up & Maintenance

“Your Safety Manual”, your source for achieving and ensuring compliance