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Manuals and or Documents Order Process

The following steps will assist you with the ordering and integration of OH&S Program Manuals and/or Individual Policy & Procedures Packages in your organization’s Safety Program:

  1. Select the document of interest from the Document store 
  2. Read the description of the selected document
  3. Review table of contents
  4. Click the button “Buy Now” 
  5. Select your method of payment (PayPal or Credit Card).     
  6. Follow the PayPal payment instructions

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After successful payment, you will receive a link, providing you with access to the required document or in the event the document requires customizing, you will be provided with a questionnaire. Once completed, it will be used by our staff to customize the manual to your organization. All ordered documents/manuals will be sent to your e-mail address! 

When you receive the ordered document(s) via e-mail: 

Confirm your purchase against the order 

NOTE: Provincial Safety Manuals will be received completely customized with your company name and logo and other applicable information, as provided in the development questionnaire. 

Policy & Procedure Packages, other than Provincial Safety Manuals: Insert company specific information where indicated with <Red Italic fonts>, complete tables, enter revision numbers etc. where applicable. Customizing Instructions will be provided for each DYS document.

Read the procedures and please, do not hesitate to contact us, in the event you require any assistance or clarification. Consultation or advice, as related to that specific document/manual will be provided at no additional cost. Unrelated Consultation regarding other concerns or development of other policies and/or procedures (not listed in our store inventory) is available for a reasonable fee, and can be ordered as described in: Online Consultation and Online Training 

Forward your questions or feedback to Your Safety Manual by e-mail: 
[email protected]  

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