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Online Consulting Ordering Process

First Step: 

  • Click on Consultancy.
  • Enter your detailed consultancy request in the related text box.
  • Enter your contact data (required data is indicated with an asterisk).
  • Click on the “SEND INQUIRY” button.
  • An order confirmation will be displayed to show you, that your inquiry has been sent successfully.

Second Step (Payment):

  • Shortly after submission of your order you will receive by e-mail a detailed consultation offer with a fee estimation and further details.
  • Please read our terms and conditions carefully.
  • You will receive a PayPal® money transaction e-mail with the calculated fees for your online service query.
  • If you do accept the consultation costs, please transmit the payment following the instructions given in the PayPal® e-mail request.
  • You will receive the requested consultation information to your e-mail address within 48 hours after payment transaction has been completed successfully.