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Why does your organization need a policy and procedure manual?

Aside from the facts that a Safety Manual is a Legal Requirement and that it provides the required guidance in dealing with safety-related concerns, a Safety Policy and Procedure Manual provides your management staff with the ability to prove Due Diligence.

In the event of a serious accident, your management staff will need to prove that a system/program was in place, which would have prevented the accident.  Doing all the right things, is not enough … you have to be able to prove it.

Example: Your management insists that Lockout be applied, before anyone works on any equipment … but there is no lockout procedure.  One of your maintenance staff decides to take a short cut and does not lockout the equipment.  There is an accidental startup and the individual loses his hand.  How are you going to prove, without any documentation, that you had insisted on Lockout to be applied? 

The required documentation would have been the Lockout Procedure, Proof of training, Proof of issue of Lockout Equipment and Disciplinary Records for past infringements of the procedure.  All of these are supplied with Your Safety Manual.

We are here to assist your organization in achieving and ensuring legal compliance and most important … a safe and efficient workplace … in a cost-effective and timely manner! Our virtual office is open 24/7 to receive your questions and orders.