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Bill 132 Compliance Package

$250.00 plus HST


(An amendment to Bill 168, and portions of the OHSA, Dealing with Workplace Violence and Harassment)

Includes all required Policies and Procedures to provide your organization with the groundwork to achieve legal compliance.  It also includes the necessary guidelines to develop any additional procedures, specific to your organization, which may be required because of the Workplace Violence Risk Assessment.

A Total of 105 pages: (2 Policies and 68 Procedural pages plus 31 pages of helpful guidelines).  The simplicity of our program is reflected by only 4 pages of easy-to-follow instructions (2 for the development of the program and 2 for customizing the procedures).

The Manual Includes:

  • Instructions on how to interpret and implement the program
  • Instructions on how to customize the Policies and Procedures to your Organization.
  • Guidelines on how to develop additional procedures required to address any concerns identified by the Workplace Violence Risk Assessment.
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, which will clarify the legal requirements.
  • “Dealing with Work Refusals” Procedure, reflecting Bill 168/132 Revisions to Section 43 of the OHS Act. 
  • Guidelines for how to carry out the required Workplace Violence Risk and Hazard Assessments
  • Sample Model Workplace Violence Risk and Hazard Assessment Questionnaire
  • An Introduction and Overview of Bill 132
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy And Procedures (Addresses revised legal definition, including sexual harassment) 
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Policy And Procedures 
  • Automatic updates/revisions for the next 12 months (In the event new legislation is introduced, which alters the policies/procedures included with your Safety Manual)
  • Ongoing Support From Our Staff to Assist You in the Preparation and maintenance of your Manual.

Please click Here for Detailed contents:

A brief review of the detailed content will confirm that we have developed a complete and comprehensive package, which will provide you with clear and simple direction to achieve compliance.

We offer our Bill 132 Compliance Package fully guaranteed for your evaluation.

We invite you to provide us with a Testimonial, authorizing us to publish it in our website.  Below are two testimonials, as examples of ones received in the past.


I can’t express in words the time and energy your Bill 168 compliance policy and procedure manual has saved Chair-man Mills Inc. It took no time at all to publish and post the new policies and to give hand outs to all employees. We are in the process of training small groups of the different departments. Without your help we would still be trying to put together the policies to be compliant with the passing of Bill 168. I would recommend your manual to every company to be compliant with the new legislation. Keep up the outstanding work you have been doing.

Gary Nimens, Safety Coordinator
Chair-man Mills Inc.

Thank you for your help Mario. I’ve submitted payment, worked with all of your forms inserting our corporate info, and will be assembling the manual later this week. Your method of personalizing these forms and getting them in motion is great! I love it when it is kept simple and easy to implement! Take care and be well!

Irene Sanders, Vice President
SpandrelTech Ltd.


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We thank you for considering YOUR SAFETY MANUAL as your source of Legal Compliance Documentation. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Mario Migliazza, C.R.S.P., C.I.M., P.Mgr.


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