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Ontario’s Confined Space Entry (Policies and Procedures Manual)

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Confined Space Entry Program (Ontario Reg. 851/90 Compliant)

If your organization has Confined Spaces, which must be entered by employees during the course of their work, you will need to comply with the Regulations for Industrial Establishments, (O. Reg. 851/90, Sections 119.1 to 119.20), made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.   As per this Regulation, all organizations dealing with Confined Spaces, are required to implement a Confined Space Entry Program.

The purchase of this Confined Space Entry Program will save you hundreds of hours in development time and/or thousands of dollars in consulting fees.  It has been designed to be easily customized in a few hours.   It provides all the documentation your organization requires to be in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Confined Space Regulation.  The development and implementation of a Confined Space Entry Program will ensure workers receive the required training and equipment, allowing them to do their work in greater safety and will reduce the risk of an accident in a confined space.

It will also prove extremely valuable, in the event of an accident, requiring your management staff to prove Due Diligence.   Regardless of how many safeguards an organization implements, all it takes is one individual to take a “short cut” and experience a critical injury.  At that moment, it does not matter what precautions were implemented.   What will be important is to be able to prove that they were properly implemented.  At that moment, this program’s documentation will become invaluable in being able to prove Due Diligence.   This program is intended to protect the employees from injury and management from prosecution.

The Program allows for the following:

  • Identification of locations or situations where confined space entry and work is required.
  • Safe installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of equipment and facilities by workers where there is a risk of a hazardous atmosphere caused by the construction, location, contents, or work activity within it.
  • Use of an entry permit system to ensure that only authorized and trained personnel enters a confined space.
  • Training and education of workers who supervise or perform work in a confined space.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario and the relevant regulations and industry standards.

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  • Automatic updates/revisions for the next 12 months (In the event new and/or amended legislation is introduced, which alters the contents of this procedure)
  • Ongoing Support from Our Staff to Assist You in the Customizing and Maintenance of your Procedure.

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